I'm Danielle Howson!


What kind of writer do I want to be?

An easier question to answer would be why do I want to write?

I know that answer off by heart.

I’ve known from a young age that I have wanted to be a writer and that is simply because I fell in love with books. I was a shy and awkward kid who found refuge in the written word. Books were a safe haven from the real world; a way to avoid the less enjoyable aspects of reality. I loved them so much it only seemed natural that I would write them.

I always pictured myself as a writer. I still do, only now it’s a little more difficult for me. I know I want to write, but it wasn’t until recently that I really thought about what type of writer I want to be. I thought my heart belonged in novels, and for a while that was true. I wrote dystopia and fantasy and paranormal stories; my favourite genres. It is difficult though as I get older (and, admittedly, perhaps more pretentious), that these types of novels just seem like surface material to me. I want to write something with a lot more meaning. I want to write something that might inspire others the way very few books inspired me. I know that the best writers write from their own personal experiences. But I’m young. I haven’t experienced enough to be able to do that quite yet. I am still growing as a person and discovering things about myself.

In all honesty, I don’t know what this blog is going to be about. Some posts might be advice I wish to share, others short stories or poems. Maybe I’ll just end up writing about my thoughts the way I am right now. In the end, I’m just looking for a place where I can express myself and feel like I am making a difference in my writing. I want to practice this skill I love so much and maybe share a personal experience or two as I grow into adulthood.

And I just wanted to say thanks for bothering to listen.