The greatest influencer in my life has to be my significant other.

I hesitated a little when deciding to write about him. I was worried that it could seem as if I was saying that it’s okay if your boyfriend controls your life and makes all your decisions for you. I’m not saying that because that’s certainly not the situation. What I want to make clear is that everyone has people in their lives who push them to be better, do better, and strive for what will make them happy in life. My boyfriend does that for me.

He is such a hard worker and the work that I see him do inspires me to work harder as well and to explore more opportunities. I know he’s going to be successful and I want us to be successful together. He’s made me realize I am allowed to want for more than what I might once have thought I was worthy of. He encourages me to go for the goals that I want to achieve, no matter how lofty (who do you think convinced me I was good enough to apply for this job?) and no matter how ridiculous (I am determined to become a mom to five dogs one day).

I recognize the influence that my friends, my parents, literature and all these other aspects have had on my life, but right now, in this moment, the greatest influence in my life is my boyfriend. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong in saying that.